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Our crew watched over

Adam Driver Adam Sandler Al Pacino Anthony Hopkins Antonio Banderas Ben Stiller Brendan Fraser Cameron Diaz Can Yaman Christopher Nolan Daniel Day-Lewis Elle Fanning Ewan McGregor Harrison Ford Jared Leto Jennifer Aniston Jeremy Irons John Travolta Jonathan Pryce Judi Dench Julia Roberts Justin Bieber Lady Gaga Leonardo Di Caprio Keanu Reeves Mads Mikkelsen Marcello Mastroianni Mark Wahlberg Martin Scorsese Michael Bay Nicole Kidman Penélope Cruz Owen Wilson Riccardo Scamarcio Ridley Scott Robert De Niro Robert Pattinson Ron Howard Rosamund Pike Ryan Reynolds Selma Hayek Sophia Loren Sting Tom Cruise Tom Hanks Vanessa Redgrave Vicent Cassel

G.F. Crew is the company founded by mr. Giosué Arcuri, a lifetime in movie security.

He started his career as a special forces officer.

His love story with Hollywood productions started with Gangs of New York, in 2001, and is still going strong 22 years later.

Our services cover everything related to set and cast security and safety (scouting, planning, and enforcement) and include:

- Security Managers

- COVID Managers

- Close Protection Officers

- Armed Surveillance

- Unarmed Surveillance

- Set Doctors

- Set Nurses

- Fire Fighters

- Ambulances

- Fire Trucks

- Water Trucks

- Fire fighting Pickups

- COVID Equipment

- Risk evaluation

- Military advising

We employ English-speaking specialized security personnel, with ample experience in the field.
We also cover cast security away from the set with our Close Protection service.

Some titles Mr. Arcuri worked in as head of security and/or military advisor, often managing up to 300 contractors:


  • Privato
  • Aziendale
  • Commerciale 
  • Autorizzazione Prefettizia Ministero degli Interni 

Noleggio Radio WT PMR 446 

Servizi di accoglienza in ambito sportivo (Stewards) come da D.M. 13/08/2019


Sede legale:  Via di San Domenico 20 – 00153 Roma
Sedi operative: 
Lazio – Ciampino (RM)
Lombardia – Tremezzina-Lenno (CO)
Puglia  – San Marzano (TA)
Sicilia – Misterbianco – (CT)

VAT number : 15531521001 – Cod: SUBM70N

Mail : gfcrewsrl@gmail.com – Pec : gfcrew@legalmail.it